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Estimated on-line order processing time is 4-5 days.

Delays may occur but all orders are always properly processed.

How to File a Report

General Process

The three Form pages and Payment page must be completed to report a suspected illegal alien and/or an illegal employer. After submission, will analyze the data and create one or more reports that will be faxed, emailed, or mailed to one or more agencies.

On Form1, Form2 and Form3 pages below you may enter data where by bold green. Also, throughout this web site bold green or green indicates possible navigation or actions you may take.

Please provide as much accurate and detailed information as you reasonably can.

If suspects that a report contains blatantly false information, the report request will not be processed and payment will be refunded.

FAQ, Law and Privacy & Terms  (all open in new window) answer many common questions.

Online completion of Form pages and payment is the preferred and fastest method. Optionally, payment via cash, check or money order can be made via mail. If both data and payment are sent via mail the order will be processed but processing time will be substantially longer.

Filing a report is an easy four step process:

1. Complete Form1 page (Illegal Alien and/or an Illegal Employer data)

Enter Suspected Illegal Alien Contact Information and/or Suspected Illegal Employer Contact Information per the instructions provided. Additional names and addresses of illegal aliens or illegal employers can be entered into the Comments sections.

2. Complete Form2 page (Anonymous or Disclose Reporting Name and Telephone to agencies)

Choose to be anonymous to the agencies or provide your Reporting Party Name and Telephone.

You must choose whether to be anonymous or to disclose your identity to the agencies. In the vast majority of reports filed investigating agents do not ask for additional information but sometimes investigating agents ask for additional information from the reporting party. By providing your Reporting Party Name and Telephone on Form2 page you may be helping the investigation proceed in the case where an agent needs additional information such as current address or whether the illegal alien might have weapons.

More information on Anonymity is available on Form2 page and the Privacy & Terms page (opens in new window).

3. Complete Form3 page (Optional Data to

Optionally you may provide your email address and special instructions to This information will NOT be disclosed in the report(s). Your email address will not be disclosed to anyone, except that you may optionally request Immigration Alerts from IllegalAliens.US. recommends that you provide your email address so a copy of the completed report(s) can be emailed to you.

Some reporting parties do not want to disclose their email address. If you do not enter your email address an eight-digit identifier will be assigned and copies of the reports can not be emailed to you.

Importantly, entering your email address does NOT affect being anonymous.

4. Complete Payment Page (Visa/MasterCard/Discover, PayPal, Cash, Check or Money Order)

Processing of a completed form below is only $10.

Submissions without payment will NOT be processed.

You have three payment methods:

1. Pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover

Pay online using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card through our secure credit card processor.

The credit card processor requires only your credit card number and expiration date. Address and zip code are optional but may be required for some credit cards. This credit card information remains secure and will not be released in any agency report.

If you pay with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card, please remember that the billing firm on your credit card statement will be:


2. accepts PayPal

Pay online using the PayPal secure credit card processor.

PayPal requires your email address and PayPal password.

If you pay with PayPal, please remember that the billing firm on your PayPal statement will be:

Jumpin Jupiter Inc

3. accepts cash, money order or check

Mail payment requires your identifier which is either your email address or assigned eight digit number.

Mail $10.00 cash, check or money order to:

Jumpin' Jupiter Inc.
PO Box 668682
Pompano Beach, FL 33066-8682

Your report will be completed upon receipt of payment.

It is important that you write your email address or assigned identifier on the check, money order, or on a separate note.

Mailed report requests will take longer than online orders.

Letters and envelopes requiring a signature (Certified Mail, Signature Confirmation, Return Receipt) are NOT recommended as they will significantly delay processing time.

Suspected Illegal Alien Contact Information

The proper full name is important. If the home address is not known then a work address should be included in the Suspected Illegal Employer Contact Information below. Additional names may be entered in Suspected Illegal Alien Comments field, if at the same address.

Alien Name






Zip Code

Home Phone

Cell Phone

Work Phone

Suspected Illegal Alien Comments

Especially important are date of birth, criminal history and immigration violations. Enter other information such as gender (male or female) and nationality.

If known, enter criminal history such as felony/misdemeanor convictions and previous arrests.

Describe immigration law violations such as unauthorized entry, visa violations or Order of Deportation. Especially important are resident alien numbers, passport numbers, visa type and specific information regarding official documents. See Law (opens in new window) for possible immigration violations.

If an illegal entry to US will be attempted it is important to include date, port of entry and transit mode such as flight number or vehicle license number.

If an illegal alien has illegally obtained a driver's license, it is important to include the state of issuance, name used on the license, date of birth used, and if possible, the driver's license number.

Include information on other suspected unlawful activity such as using or producing counterfeit documents, fraudulent social security numbers, tax avoidance, human smuggling/trafficking, drug importation or dealing, marriage fraud, bigamy, or welfare fraud.

Suspected Illegal Alien Comments

Suspected Illegal Employer Contact Information

Enter suspected illegal employer contact information including the official name of the company, if possible.

Employer Name






Zip Code

Work Phone

Suspected Illegal Employer Comments

Enter information such as current unlawful hiring practices, previous violations, I-9 form violations and unlawful tax avoidance.

See Law (opens in a new window) for possible violations.

If the employer has federal contracts such as military (DOD), highway (DOT, NHTSA) or other (EPA) provide details.

Suspected Illegal Employer Comments

Review your data for accuracy and click below.